Gewurztraminer ESTATE 2015

A new selection "parcellaire" of carefully chosen plots of the Famille Hugel estate situated in Riquewihr in its most prestigious crus. Most of the plots chosen for this new wine are being converted into Organic viticulture. The unique clay soils of Riquewihr, in and around the Sporen give a characteristic density to wines from this remarkable terroir. A wine of depth and of patience.


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Originally from northern Italy, this is the emblematic grape of our region due to its slow maturation with cool nights giving its full varietal expression. Dry but full and intensely aromatic.
The vintage
2015 will go down as an exceptional vintage year for the whole of France. After one of the hottest and driest summers since 2003 and a harvest quality to rivals those of the great "solar" vintages of 1945, 1976, 1989 and 2009, the Alsace region will be no exception.
The year started with quite normal weather conditions, a total of 6 days below freezing (up to -6°C) during the winter. The spring was, however, pleasant and sunny. The vines budded slightly later than usual, around the 13 April, and blossomed during the first weeks of June, indicating an early vintage. This was normal considering the low rain fall, a record of only 30mm between 4 May and 24 July! These dry conditions were compounded by a heatwave that lasted for almost the whole of July.
By the time the grapes started to ripen, the vines were suffering, especially in the more well-drained soils with limited reserves of water. Riquewihr and its loamy soil seemed to have escaped the worst of this and the heavy rain that came in mid-August saved the harvest just in time.
We started grape-picking on the 10 September, three days later than the rest of the Alsace, and the first grapes to arrive in the winery gave every indication of an exceptional vintage year. The grapes were perfectly healthy and ripe; their supple acidity was a taste of great wine to come. The Pinots, especially the magnificent Pinot Noir, of this great "solar" year were highly appreciated.
Only one day of rain disrupted the harvest, which was already well underway at the time.
The rapid acceleration of the ripening during the third week and a nice outbreak of botrytis meant the most part of our Riesling de Schoenenbourg were harvested late, and once again the Engelkritt (Angels' Vine) won us not one but two of the "Sélection de Grains Nobles" awards for this grape variety, the most concentrated being at a potential of 23°!
In the vineyard
Selection of the best plots of the Hugel family estate situated in Riquewihr in its most prestigious crus.
The unique clay soils of Riquewihr gives a characteristic richness to wines from this remarkable terroir.

The grapes are taken in small tubs to the presses, which are filled by gravity, without any pumping or other mechanical intervention.
After pressing, the must is decanted for a few hours, then fermented in temperature-controlled vats (at 18 to 24°C). The wine is racked just once, before natural clarification during the course of the winter. The following spring, the wine is lightly filtered just before bottling, and the bottles are then aged in our cellars until released for sale. The whole production of this wine is closed with DIAM the cork without the risk of cork taint.
Technical specifications
Residual Sugar (g/l): 16.3 g/l
Acidity (g/l): 4.62 g/l
pH: 3.39
Age of vines: 37 ans
Yields : 50 hL/ha
Alcohol content: 14.68 % vol.

Tasting advices

Tasting notes by Serge Dubs, World's Best Sommelier 1989
A young and intense lemon and straw yellow colour with numerous pale green and lime-tree foliage highlights.
A pleasantly agreeable shimmer with smooth creamy legs.
Sophisticated, expressive, intense aroma of perfectly ripe Gewürztraminer grapes; strongly scented yet delicate and refined.
A harmoniously smooth assemblage of hints of fresh roses, Freesia; lily, passion fruit, litchi, mango, cardamom, orange blossom, freshly baked cake, acacia honey.
It caresses the palate at first with tenderness and sophistication bringing out its full body leaving an explosion of taste in the end; the superb after-taste is rich in spontaneity and sincerity. Such an aromatic expression in combination with subtlety and delicacy is rare in a Gewürztraminer and pushes for the consumption of this wonderful nectar.
Best enjoyed immediately for what it is, for the pleasure of tasting such a high quality wine.
Could be laid down for 5 years.
Serve with game terrines, foie gras, strong cheeses, Munster, Maroilles or in association with strong flavoured or lightly spiced, Chinese, Moroccan or Indian dishes, desserts or fruit cake. Best served at 8° C.